The Shadow IT


The big bad and ugly wolf is coming. It is called the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Actually, it is supposed to protect us and save us from the three little pigs, who have mastered some hacking in the meantime. Then, how come the worrying majority of the employees in the EU is not willing to cooperate? Fully.

Nowadays, the IT guys in your company can forget the good old days when they were the Alphas and Omegas in your office. The cloud technology and the absolute abundance of available mobile devices were the fruitful ground for the new phenomena called the “shadow IT”. What in the world is that?

Well, this is a nice way for you to avoid the situation with the EU General Data Protection Regulation way, or the highway. You can still do your thing without worrying about those boring new regulations, including your paranoid IT colleagues. What is so difficult and problematic about the new IT security measures?

It is the similar, if not absolutely the same, situation with the traffic safety regulations. They are supposed to protect you. You can ignore them or even work against them, but at your own risk. The same goes for the IT security measures, rules and policies. Instead of keep asking why, just comply.

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