Unpatched = Unprotected


How many times we have to repeat it? How many evidences we have to submit in order to convince you? About what exactly? Our main point is quite a simple one, and apparently extremely difficult to accept. The human factor is the worst cyber menace you have ever witnessed and heard about.

In the absolute and surprising majority of cases you can easily ensure the remarkable level of the proper IT security. How? With the regular updates and use of patched systems. Yet, we keep missing to update and continue to use the unpatched systems. Why? Either we are totally reckless or lazy.

Either way we are in trouble. On the other hand, your friendly neighbor hacker only needs one vulnerability to pay an unexpected and unforgettable visit. We could have easily avoided or at least decreased the chances of facing this cyber trouble. All what we needed to do was to invest a little bit of our time.

No one can make you to comply with these simple and effective IT security rules, but also there is no one you can complain once you get hurt. The cyber doctors have given you a fair warning including a vaccine. It is your fault, if you think that you have something else more important to do.

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