Award Down The IT Security Boulevard


The Americas Information Security Leadership Awards has announced its winners for the fourth time. The great thing about is that the American in its title does not refer only to the North America, but also to the Central and South America. So, when you say the American Award it includes both continents.

This is exactly what we need. We need something traditional, encouraging and inspirational at the same time. On the other hand, this something should include the word international in its title. As long as we have American or European prefixes, we cannot expect a major improvement in this field.

For what is worth, we are appreciating and we are grateful for these types of rare IT security awards. We just wish for more of these awards with the wider scope. The hackers themselves seem to be less nationalistic oriented and more open to the idea of an international cooperation. We should follow.

This is how we should do it. A little bit of awarding here and there. Then, a little bit of bug bounty programs, as well. If we appreciate enough our efforts and time invested for the IT security, then we can be rewarded with something more valuable that the awards themselves. The fully functional IT Security, for a change.

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