Call Of Cyber Security Duty


No matter how hard you try, it seems you cannot unlock the mind of a hacker. Why? Well, you can try to predict the certain type of behavior, but they keep surprising you with the things they steal or hack. Here is a controversial case of the cyber theft, which makes it almost impossible to put all pieces of the puzzle together successfully?

So, what happened? It turns out that an extremely skillful hacker has paid a devastating and uninvited visit to both Xbox One and US Army systems. He or she, or eventually them, get into the possession of the Apache helicopter simulation program. Including the pre-release of the latest Call of Duty game.

The estimated value of these stolen goods, which can be classified as the top intellectual property stuff, is more than $100 millions. On the other hand, you can stop wondering. It makes a perfect sense that someone would like to steal the simulation program for one of the best military helicopters in the world.

However, what is with the Call of Duty pre-release? Maybe, our hero needs to relax after the hard work in his office? For the makers of this planetary popular game, this is not a funny story. In the real life hacking is not a video game. Once you end up in jail, you cannot restart the game from the beginning.

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