Why Does My Linux HeartBleed?


If you thought that the HeartBleed has been the worst thing that can happen in the cyber world, you should better think twice. Why? Because we thought that the Linux was supposed to be the cyber land of the free. Wrong again. There is a HeartBleed version designed especially for the Linux world.

This vulnerability has a very nice and appropriate name. It is called the ShellShock. Compared to it, our good old HeartBleed seems like a kid’s toy. If you are up to full and unprecedented control, then the ShellShock is the right hacking thing for you. With this one you get the both worst scenario things.

Not only the keys to all rooms of your house, but also all remote controls for all of your devices. So, where should we go next? Both Windows and Linux are seriously compromised. The only what is left “untouched” are the mobile platforms, such as Android, IOS and Windows Phone. Is this enough?

How long before our mobile heart begins to bleed here, as well? How long before we experience the new mobile shock within or outside the shell? Can we fight the future for a change, at least once? How hard could it be? Otherwise, the only reasonable remaining option for us would be to get back in the caves.

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