Huge Breaches – Small Awareness


OK. You do not have to read our or any other security blog to know what is happening out there. It is a nasty and merciless world of the cyber pain. Yet, you should know some basics. Right? How about some of the biggest IT security breaches in the recent history? If you forget it, then what is going to happen?

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that these unpleasant things will happen again. More than 77% of people in the USA are completely unaware of the eBay, Home Depot or Health Clinics data breaches. Does it really have to happen to you or your loved ones so you can start paying attention?

Maybe that is our worst cyber enemy, our ignorance and reckless behavior. We behave in a way all hackers in the world can only wish for. Millions and millions of people get affected on a daily basis. Yet, we have the careless days of our lives somewhere at the end of our cyber rainbow.

What is the alternative? Should we act as the android paranoid? That is not a solution. For what is worth, you should read some other news sections besides the sports, celebrities and finances. One minute of cyber awareness can save you at least one year of crumbling cyber pain. Enough for you?

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