El Hacker Dorado


Here comes the bringer of bad cyber news. The permamemtly and incurably pessimistic Kaspersky Lab. So, what have we on the cyber trouble menu this time? The trouble with the curve in this matter is always related to the notorious so-called human factor. Let us see what is happening on social networks.

Especially, if you are accessing them on your mobile phones. For the newbie hackers this is a golden opportunity. You simply cannot believe how reckless the users can be on the social networks, while using their accounts on the smartphones. If you want to find something out, just ask and you will get it.

There are so many useful information leftovers all over the social networks that all you have to have is a little bit of patience and a detailed approach in order to make a use of it. In addition, the mobile social networks are such a nice cyber place for the malicious phishing activities. Is this enough?

Unless we change something about our cyber habits, there is no software in the world to save our privacy or a credit card. We have proven it one more time that bad habits online inevitably gave birth to the serious offline troubles. It is about time for us to do something serious and effective in this field.

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