Beware WoW, Here’s The Cyber Blow!


What a bitter surprise. Is there nothing holy or sacred to the modern day hackers? They have dared to strike where it hurts the most. The very gaming world is under an attack, now. It turns out that the World of Warcraft players have to fight the most serious cyber enemy so far. The WoW Trojan has arrived.

This Trojan harvests all what is related to your WoW account in a smooth and undetectable way. In this game, there is no restart option. What is even worse, you cannot save your current position regarding your account and upload it later when it is more convenient for you. For instance, when this Trojan is long gone.

So, who is responsible to deal with this menace? The Blizzard or the players themselves? Here is a completely new level for you to play. It seems that we have to accept the fact that the hackers now move in the most unpredictable ways and in the most unusual cyber places, such as this one. Right?

Then, on the other hand, you simply cannot avoid asking yourself what is there for a hacker to gain from the gaming Trojan? Perhaps, this is our biggest trouble. We need to know what they are attacking in order to defend it properly, in the very first place. We definitely need some Cyber WarCraft warriors, that is for sure.

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