The Malicious Money Making Machine


Is it worth it? This is a simple question we are very likely to ask the hackers all over the world. Is it worth of all the risk? Apparently, it obviously is. The recent Symantec findings in this field have shed some additional light on this matter. It turns out that hackers move in the quite usual business ways.

They are in the constant search for the profit itself. Now, prepare yourself for the huge surprise. One Android bot network, which has more than 100,000 mobile devices under its direct control, cumulates more than $3 million net profit per year. How about that for the ground shaking change?

Can you imagine what it can do with 10 or 100 million infected mobile phones? We are talking about millions and millions of dollars flowing like rivers in the cyber world. It seems that the hackers are more alike modern businessmen, than the traditional idealists and anarchists hoping to change the world itself.

We have identified the primary motive for the hacker’s actions. Now, all we have to do is to ruin their malicious business. How? In the first place, we should increase the costs associated with their businesses by improving our cyber security measures. To decrease its profitability, in order to increase our security.

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