The Wrong Torrent Moment


Finally, some busy little bee from the entertainment industry has put two and two together and decided to pay a visit to the Google itself. Why? Well, to ask Google to do something about the piracy trouble. What would be a role of Google in a situation such as this one? Can it do something about it?

It turns out it can. With no need to eliminate the piracy websites. The catch is in the search engines. The cyber pirates are dependant on the substantial number of visits on a daily basis to ensure that their illegitimate business makes money. So, Google struck them, when it hurts the most.

From now on, if your website uses something like “torrent”, “watch movie online”, “free this”, or “free that” as the keyword, you can forget about the eye-catching positioning on the top Google pages. The Isohunt crew already reported that the number of visits has dropped for more than 50% in the last couple of months.

On the other side, the pirates from the Pirate Bay support this Google move. Why? They believe that this is the only way to ensure the reliable number of direct visits. Either way the tide for the cyber pirates has changed. They can no longer count on Google indifferent role. How do you feel about it? Honestly.

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