I Am The Moderator!


So, how do you think the system works? We are talking about the immense content sea of the social networks. You think that you have seen it all, don’t you? You take the situation on the modern social networks for granted. You do not like what you see. Well, without moderators that would have been a living hell.

According to some very reliable urban legends and unreliable rumors there is an entire army of literally hundreds of thousands of social network moderators out there. Most of them are freelancers from the third world countries. For a couple of hundreds of dollars per month you get the top class human filter.

Thanks to these busy little bees we have a unique chance to enjoy ourselves in the cleaned version. Do not you even dare to ask what had to be eliminated during the process itself. All for your pleasure and convenience. Why? Because the good old Facebook does not want to upset its users too much.

If so, how come we do not have hundreds of thousands of cyber security moderators? Well, that is more costly. In addition, from the provider’s point of view, this is a completely different thing. The one he is ready to pay for, only when something bad happens. Poor busy little bees, they fly only in one direction.

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