Dial F For Murder


Can you believe that there is such a thing as a Facebook murder? This is not a game. Pay close attention. We are not talking about a situation when someone kills his own profile or remove a person from a friend’s list. Oh no, real murders with a link in the virtual world are our primary concern here.

For the UK police Facebook is a serious and respectable partner in crime against the crime itself. For what is worth, top crime experts are making the profiles of the most dangerous potential murders on Facebook. You do not have to be a police expert to figure out yourself that all comes down to the proper prevention.

On the other side, we do not want you to get a wrong impression that Facebook is to blame for some of these unwanted things. The people with bad intentions will always find a way to materialize their malicious desires. In this sense, the criminals are no different than the ordinary users on Facebook.

There is an important moral of this story. Do not leave an open door for the trouble on Facebook. The last thing we need is to turn ourselves into an easy prey for the Facebook predators. Who knows, you may stumble across a cyber troll, or even worse a truly dangerous man with an innocent profile.

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