Lock ‘n’ Roll


So, what is your excuse to keep forgetting to lock your smartphone? For the absolute majority of people this is an unbearably annoying thing. In addition, according to some researches and statistics you can lose up to one hour each month for locking and unlocking your smartphone. Is that all?

Some people are skeptical for a reason when it comes to the lock phone protection efficiency. That should not be much of a trouble for a skillful hacker. On the other side, a lucky finder of your smartphone could give you a call, if he can access its phonebook in the first place. Who wants to lock it after these reasonable arguments?

Now, let us move to the positive side of your smartphone being locked for the most of the time. With a password protection you are buying yourself some invaluable time to resolve your situation with a stolen or lost phone. Now, it is the right moment for you to think twice about locking your smartphone.

How hard could it be? This is a reasonable investment of your time, which can save you more time and money in advance you would have to spend in dealing the consequences of the cyber attack aftermath. Better to lose a couple of minutes each day for unlocking and locking thing, than to say goodbye to your smartphone.

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