The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has turned an important new page. From now on, your shiny gadgets can be used during the entire flight period with no rigorous limitations, we all know very well. So, what exactly youncan or cannot do with your devices, once you set a foot in an airplane?

Well, you can use a smartphone or tablet freely during a flight. This also includes all available 3G or 4G networks. On the other hand, you still cannot use the Internet on your laptop. This is something that will be strongly appreciated by all passengers. Yet, we have some security questions we need to ask.

Have you heard something about hacking the airplanes, recently? Not so long ago the flight agenda of the Japanese PM circulated for a while on the Internet. The airline company’s IT infrastructure was hacked. Now, do you dare to think what could have happened, if the airport or airplane itself was to be hacked instead?

With this most recent change of regulations, we will allow hackers to freely surf while in a plane. Maybe, this was not such a good idea. We sure hope this was not a result of some profit related idea. Like, we are having some bad times in the airline business, let us do something about it. We really hope that was not the case.

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