Pwn2Own IE11


There are no true winners in hackers contests or bug bounty rewarding programs. Someone will take the sweet prize, while we will end up in tears. Why? Because we will become more aware about the fragile and insecure character of our system. Yet, we cannot allow ourselves a luxury of neglecting them.

Some of them actually work. This is how a successful prevention has achieved. Can this be a comfort for Microsoft? Two HP security experts were able to find a weakness in the Internet Explorer 11. As a result, we have a complete malicious control over the computer, which runs the Windows 8.1.

As expected, Microsoft will clean this situation with the next security patch. However, we still have this bitter taste in our mouth. Why? Well, it is actually quite simple, and that is why is so painful. Who knows how many bugs are out there flying and crawling all over our cyber space? Do not bother to ask.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough hackers competitions or bug bounty programs to find and eliminate them all. If you want to say keep on trying, then you are moving into the wrong direction. Maybe, we are truly blessed with our cyber ignorance. There is a difference, though. What we do not know can hurt us badly in this case.

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