The Poisonous Lollipop


This is what happens when you expect unreasonably too much. Very similar to a situation when you fall in love. You ask, expect and desire too much. At the end of the day, your house of cards collapses in a second. We have strived for the true miracles the Lollipop was supposed to deliver in the Android world.

So, what do we got in return? The Lollipop is designed to work on all devices, which run on Android. However, the alarming number of users has begun reporting some extremely problematic things associated with the new Android 5.0. The apps are disappearing. Your device is slow in performance.

Let us not forget to mention the battery, which loses precious minutes instead of ensuring the additional time for your smartphone. On the other hand, the regular updates can be very dangerous for the well-being of your device. Is this something we can characterize as the warming up trouble?

Or, maybe there is something more serious taking place in the background? It would be unwise for Google to treat these complaints as the manifestations of the spoiled users, who are accepting nothing less than a pure perfection. In the meantime, we have to look for some other candy.

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