The 1st MS Security Patch In 2015


Well, hell, it is about time. Why did we have to wait so long? To tell the absolute truth, we do not have a clue. Yet, for what is worth, Microsoft has closed the security door opened by Google. To be quite honest, Google has not done anything wrong, it just warned about the serious security flaw in Windows 8.

On the other hand, Microsoft was obviously hit straight into its most serious nerve. Microsoft replied that Google worries too much about its competitors, rather and more than its own customers. Then, we had to wait for more than four months to get this security patch in order to have careless dreams.

At the same Google has troubles of its own with the Android 5.0, or better known as the Lollipop. However, it is obviously easier to deal with other people’s problems, than your own, isn’t it? In addition, Microsoft just could not have issued a security patch for a single issue, regardless of its seriousness.

So, what is going to happen now? Are we to expect that Microsoft is to strike back? How? Well, it can find some vulnerability in Google’s system in return. In the meantime, while these two IT giants play their vanity games, we the users, still have to tremble. Does it really have to be this way? For real?

The Poisonous Lollipop


This is what happens when you expect unreasonably too much. Very similar to a situation when you fall in love. You ask, expect and desire too much. At the end of the day, your house of cards collapses in a second. We have strived for the true miracles the Lollipop was supposed to deliver in the Android world.

So, what do we got in return? The Lollipop is designed to work on all devices, which run on Android. However, the alarming number of users has begun reporting some extremely problematic things associated with the new Android 5.0. The apps are disappearing. Your device is slow in performance.

Let us not forget to mention the battery, which loses precious minutes instead of ensuring the additional time for your smartphone. On the other hand, the regular updates can be very dangerous for the well-being of your device. Is this something we can characterize as the warming up trouble?

Or, maybe there is something more serious taking place in the background? It would be unwise for Google to treat these complaints as the manifestations of the spoiled users, who are accepting nothing less than a pure perfection. In the meantime, we have to look for some other candy.

Binder A Bitter Reminder


What in the world is that? Well, you will have to be a little of an Androidnrocket scientist to fully understand it. Yet, who wants to be a rocket scientist when your cyber security is under a serious jeopardy, such as this one? The Binder itself has its roots deep into the core system of the Android itself.

Speaking about the devil hidden in those deep cyber roots, this is where all the fun begins. As soon as the hackers get their hands on your Binder, they own you literally. They can play with your Android device in the most unimaginable ways. So, what are we supposed to do about it? And Google?

Well, the new Android 5.0 is supposed to offer a poisonous Lollipop to all potential hackers. Yet, the trouble is we do not know it for sure. First, we need to test in order to trust it completely. Now, the clock is ticking and we are blinking. Are we in the trouble already, and how long we will have to wait?

This story should deliver a strong moral for the Google itself. What could it be? You should not allow yourself a luxury of waiting for the next major OS version in order to fix all problems, which go deeply to the very core of the system itself. We will see how will enjoy the new taste of the Lollipop, we or the hackers?