Facebook Privacy For Dummies


2015 is going to be an important year for both parties, us and the Facebook itself. It turns out that Facebook wants to wish you a happy new privacy year among the first in the world of social networks. So, what is the catch with this one? Above all, what is new about Facebook privacy policy in 2015?

Here is the biggest surprise of them all. Nothing is changing, but Facebook will do us a favor. The legal terminology and the entire structure of Facebook Privacy Policy will be simplified beyond recognition. At least, this what they are trying to convince us about. How is this supposed to change our lives?

Well, for what is worth, maybe we will finally learn how to use some features or privacy adjustments. Perhaps, we will be able to understand Facebook’s Privacy Policy. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves, why Facebook has become so generous and privacy friendly all of a sudden?

Here is a word of advice. Read the new policy about the privacy policy, but keep an eye on what is going on with the Facebook’s advertising business. Maybe, our privacy is to suffer from a terrific blow for the advertising purposes, and Facebook wants to minimize the potential danger and damage. Maybe.

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