You Have An Additional Right To Be Forgotten


Great news for all of you privacy addicts. Yahoo and Bing have decided to process your right to forget requests. Unfortunately, we are still and only in Europe. That means the European Internet users have an additional option to protect their privacy. So far, only Google has accepted to play the oblivion game.

From now on, you can address Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing with the same privacy related concerns. It is worth mentioning that the whole thing does not work simply and flawlessly. One may say, it is so cool, I can address all major search engines and my troubles will be over. As always, there is a catch.

The website, which specializes in these specific issues and requests, has noticed something that limits our efforts. If your cyber oblivion request has something to do with the social networks, then you can kiss the closed door, which is very likely. It seems that this is more complex than it looks.

The right to forget is very close to your right to regret. We are so far away from the truly functional and fair solution. You cannot stop or delete the entire Internet, just because you feel hurt. On the other hand, our dearest search engines should do us a favor every once in a while. Isn’t that right?

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