90 Minutes Fot The RapidHIT


Here is something worth mentioning. There is a new device on the market, which allows you to get DNK analysis results in less than 90 minutes. Why is this so important? Well, so far we have to wait for 2 days up to 2 weeks to get the results for the DNK samples we submitted. This is a revolutionary stuff.

The great thing about it is that you can carry your DNK laboratory with you. It looks like a small printer you can have it next you when needed the most. You take a sample, put it in a machine, and you wait for 90 minutes. Your samples will be analyzed on a national level and compared for matches.

In Arizona, the police was able to track and eventually arrest a killer based on the quick and reliable results of this portable device. The amount of data, which are processed during the analysis, is simply amazing. Such as the price of a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars you have to pay to get it.

For what is worth, we are witnessing some useful practical application of the available technologies. This is supposed to be the primary role of the brave new cyber world. To protect us and keep us safe, rather than to spy on us and steal our privacy data. Looking forward to seeing some more like this.

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