The Virus Of Impatience


It seems that there are quite a few Microsoft users, who are the same time huge Kaspersky fans, with some proper patience problems. Windows 10 Technical Preview is such an irresistible thing that they cannot wait to install Kaspersky. Yet, the trouble in this case is the lack of adequate compatibility.

Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9879 is an obvious example. Kaspersky 2015 refuses to make friends with the latest Windows version. Why? Well, it is supposed to be simple. The busy little bees in Microsoft are still working on the fully compatible version for the Windows 10. What about other options?

Here is something you have not heard it from us. You can try this one at home, but do not blame us for the troubles. For example, you have a file kav15.0.1.415en_6868.exe. As expected, it does not work on Windows 10 Technical Preview. Yet, there is something you can do. What exactly?

You can change the last four numbers 6868 with the new ones 9879. Now try it again. It actually may work. This is definitely not a recommended thing to do, but if your impatience is your biggest problem even more serious compared to the security itself, then go for it. For what is worth, you have been warned.

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