The Net Lords


We really do not know, who are the seven richest or popular people in the world, but we certainly know that seven people have the destiny of the entire World Wide Web in their hands, or better to say the keys. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has introduced a legendary procedure.

Every three months we have the new DNS codes for the seven guardians to take care of. These Internet keys are the most valuable things in the cyber world. They come from the seven different countries and they are responsible for the renewal and safekeeping of these master keys in the top secret environment.

As you might have guessed there was more than one attempt from numerous governments to change this procedure. However, there are quite a few busy little stubborn cyber bees in the ICANN, who are not willing to allow for any government to control the Internet. Better experts, than governments.

For the time being our cyber destiny is in good expert hands. We sure hope that will not change in the near or far future. With these seven keys you can demand seven billion wishes. We can only wish all the luck in the world to these seven cyber dwarfs. The last thing we need is an evil witch to spoil all the fun. Right?

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