U Can’t Touch This


In case, you ever wish to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, here is something you may find helpful. It is not going to work, that is for sure. Why? Does it really matter? It is this guy’s social network and he can do whatever he likes with it. Including the very special VIP status. Or, cannot he?

There is something we should be more worried about than this “innocent” VIP game. If you recall, we had a couple of self-initiated bug bounty attempts on Facebook, which went an impressive extra mile. For what exactly? To knock directly on Mark’s virtual door and show him a flaw first-hand.

The trouble is that these busy little bees, who have identified serious security flaws on Facebook, were not rewarded accordingly. As a matter of fact, the extremely skillful people, who were able to hack Mark himself on Facebook, ended with peanuts instead of a decent prize and recognition for the efforts.

Maybe, we have unintentionally promoted an additional challenge. How about blocking Mark for a change? Is there someone who can really do that? It is about time for Mark to recognize and appreciate the contributions of the bug bounty hunters on Facebook. There is no other way, is it? Any ideas?

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