Google vs Russia


Relax, for the time being, there is no conflict between Google and Russia. However, some more or less malicious comments pointed out some obvious facts and comparisons. Does it really matter, if it is because of the politics, or only economic and business related purposes? So, let us see what is happening here.

The estimated value of the entire Russian stock market is around $325 billions. On the other hand, the estimated worth of Google is more than $340 billions. It is worth mentioning that both Apple and Microsoft are already in this big boys club with the estimated worth of more than $350 billions.

So, what is that supposed to mean? Something, anything and everything. All of that at the same time. Maybe, someone wants to make a point that the USA has more than one company, which is worth more than an entire Russian stock market. This sounds and looks a little bit childish, isn’t it?

What is the next move? The Russians can brag around with their oil, gas and gold reserves. It is ridiculous, but for some people obviously necessary to cheer up the tense situation over the Ukraine crisis. Oh dear, has it really come down to this? This is so disappointing on so many levels, isn’t it?

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