The Internet 2015


What is going to happen to the Internet in 2015? What should happen, in the first place? The father of the World Wide Web has spoken one more time. Sir Tim Berners – Lee has some word of advice. The only trouble is that we have to find some careful listeners and quick doers to follow his footsteps.

Let us narrow our ambition to two things only, shall we? The first one is to do something about the 60% of people on our planet, who still live in the Internet darkness. How to ensure them access to the Net? Google will send drones and Facebook balloons. Would that be enough? Let us wait and see.

The second thing is associated directly with our heavily compromised and jeopardized online privacy. Mr. Berners – Lee believes that we desperately need some kind of a Privacy Constitution, which will guarantee the rights, as well as online obligations of all participants in the cyber universe, for real.

Let us forget about our shiny little gadgets and fascinating Internet speed we like to brag around, shall we? Without these two requirements, our good old Internet will remain to be nothing more than a convenient toy in an enlightening package. We hope that Tim will live long enough to see it all happen.  

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