Facebook 2015


This year is definitely going to be a crucial one for Facebook. Why? On the one side, we have a new privacy policy, which is going to shake the ground of social networks, for sure. On the other hand, there is a huge legal trouble on the Facebook horizon. So, what is this supposed to mean for us and Facebook?

Well, if Facebook can hit these two birds with one stone, then the shinning and promising future is guaranteed. On the contrary, if the users are not thrilled with the new privacy policy and the lawsuits against Facebook are to be successful, then Facebook will have to prepare billions of dollars and throw them directly into the fire.

Scanning users’ private messages for the advertising purposes is still not a legal activity in California. That is why all successful lawsuits, which are protecting our privacy, are very likely to be “rewarded” with at least $10K per user. Is this enough for Facebook to be dead worried about the situation?

They can afford it, that is for sure, this way or another. But, Facebook will have to change something about the way it runs its business and treats its users. That could be a good thing to start the new year. Right? Otherwise, Facebook will discover the completely new meaning of the word privacy. 

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