Skype + Android + Bug = ?


Do you know the solution to this question? A spy trouble. This is what you get as a result, when you combine these three elements. Why? Well, there is this annoying and potentially dangerous bug, which allows the unwanted guests to spy on your conversations and messages. Only on Android devices.

For the time being there is only one efficient solution available. You have to log out as soon as you are done with your Skupe communication. Unfortunately, this is not an extremely practical thing to do, is it? If Skype cannot be on all the time on your smartphone, then what is the use, in the first place?

For what is worth, Microsoft is fully aware of this problem. While we are writing this, its development teams are already on it, fixing it. The trouble with the curve in this story is actually a simple one. You cannot never be safe, enough. Which brings us to one of our most used sayings in the field of cyber security.

If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about. Right? At least this is what the NSA has to say to you. Nothing more. Nothing less. However, this is a weak comfort for the millions of Skype users, who are sharing their most intimate thoughts through it. You have a Skype call? Are you going to answer it, or what?

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