What’s Up WhatsApp?


If you see something like this on your smartphone’s screen in English, or some other more suitable language for the users in your own country, then you should think twice about your next most likely action. Why? For the time being, we have not heard a thing about the most recent WhatsApp update.

This is a simple and very costly Internet scam. Even if there is such a thing as the WhatsApp, its notification will certainly will not include these eye-catching and warning colors, including the payment option for it. Therefore, the best things online are still free. In most of the cases, more or less.

How come there quite a few WhatsApp users, who allow themselves a luxury to become victims of these humiliating Internet fraud schemes? Well, for hackers the business is as usual. Their most trusted ally and most profitable partner in crime is undoubtedly is our reckless and irrational behavior.

So, we sure hope that the next time when you ask your WhatsApp what is up, you will not get a notification such as this one. Can we blame the WhatsApp or your Internet provider for all the trouble? No, in this case, no. This is something you should ignore from the very first moment. WhatsApp something else.

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