PoC Schock


We have already written about the extremely problematic security flaw with the Windows 8.1, which allows a hacker to gain administrative privileges in an almost undetectable way. To make things even worse for Microsoft the busy little bee, who has discovered this trouble, published the PoC, as well.

The PoC is actually the Proof of Concept, which gives you a step-by-step guide how to do it yourself. In the meantime, Microsoft has come up with a patch to fix this annoying problem. However, this meantime actually took three months to happen. Why? Is it a really complicated problem? What could it be?

For what is worth, Microsoft has to offer a solution for more than platform. That is why you cannot build a Rome in a day. On the other hand, some comments have pointed out that it was not an advisable thing to publish this vulnerability with the PoC. Microsoft would have reacted either way. Right?

This one comes without saying, that is for sure. We should be also aware what is happening in our brave new IT world. It seems that we are not as safe as we thought we are. We should not discourage the future cyber whistleblowers under any circumstances. Otherwise, we will end up living in the dark of harmful cyber ignorance.

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