In The Palm Of Your Drone Hand


There is a lovely flying toy. This mini-drone can easily use the palm of your hand as an airport. The only “trouble” is that it cannot use an action camera. Why? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to answer this question, do you? This butterfly drone simply cannot afford an additional weight.

So, what can we use it for? Unfortunately, the modern drones are quite notorious. Instead of improving our lives, they tend to take them away in an easy, unhuman, and mechanical way. There were some rumors that Amazon plans to use them for the delivery purposes. Is there any good in them?

For what is worth, there were some “tryouts” in a positive direction. One of them is a contest, which asked for you to come up with an idea about a possibility to use drones for good deeds. This is how we have heard about a proposal to use drones for planting the trees in the remote areas.

We sure hope that someone will not come up with a brilliant idea to put some poison on this tiny aircraft, for example. We are not eager nor curious to find out what are the dimensions of the biggest drone in the world, now that we are fully aware of this drone small wings, that is for sure. How about you?

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