iPhone 6 vs AK-74


How many iPhones you need to stop a bullet fired from an AK-74? Well, according to the crazy and creative guys from a YouTube channel, who enjoy themselves in destroying the top smartphones, you need at least five models. If you have a soft heart for smartphones, then you should not read this post.

Believe it or not, these guys put a dozen iPhones in a line. Then, with no mercy at all, they shot through them with an AK-74. The fifth smartphone was able to stop the bullet. So, what’s is the moral of this merciless and heartless experiment? If you are going to a dangerous zone, make sure you have five iPhones with you.

Or maybe, there is one more not so obvious moral discretely attached to this story. We’re so in love with our smartphones that we tend to assign them all kinds of super-powers and special features. In most of the cases, we are easily caught in the endless loop of exaggerations.

We sure hope that these heartless brainiacs have had more than enough of fun. We don’t need any more of these heartbreaking “experiments”, do we? Who knows what more can cross their “creative” minds? Please, don’t suggest them anything crazy and painful for our dear cyber-pets. Please.

For Our Korean Eyes Only


Not so long ago, the fingerprint scan technology for the top smartphones was a matter of true prestige and the absolute security imperative. Nowadays, we have become spoiled and extremely picky users, who are hungry like the mobile wolves, when it comes to new shiny things.

Bigger-better-stronger, and by default more expensive has become the dominant imperative in the latest mobile development. So, how about an eye-scanner for your smartphone? Would you like to use some of this James Bond technology for your cyber-mobile-pet? Samsung and LG are up to the taks.

We have no doubts that this new rocket science technology is going to be a safe one. But, we have some second thoughts, when it comes to its efficiency and reliability. Are we going to be obliged to do this eye-scanning thing each time we want to use our smartphone? How quick it would be?

Just when you thought that the evil-cyber-empire has had enough of our private data, there is bad news, such as this one, to prove you all wrong. What was that old saying about eyes and windows? Maybe, some windows and doors are the best as they are right now. Closed.

No Keys, No Doors, Only Windows


There are so many new things that we are very likely to experience with Windows 10. It is almost impossible to keep a track of them all. It seems that every single element in the great MS puzzle is going to be turned upside down or replaced. This also includes the legendary activation keys, as well.

From what we know for sure, Windows 10 activation is going to be a fully automatized process. You will not be required to do a thing about it. So, forget about all those activation key numbers and letters you have to type patiently and precisely. This thing is a history now.

If you already own a legal version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, then this is supposed to be a carefree experience. Right? You wake up one lovely day in July, and you realize that your computer runs in the new Windows 10 environment. So, what is going to happen with the illegal “leftovers”?

Apparently, they will have to purchase Windows 10, or deal with the activation key in some of the older Windows versions. We all know that at the end of the long business day at Microsoft, all that is going to truly matter, is how many people bought or use the new shiny OS star called – Windows 10.

Ericsson Connecting People


It is not a secret nor a surprise that for quite some time the busy little bees in the IT industry have been looking for a way to use our own body as a legitimate cyber tool. This is how, we have ended up with an unprecedented and overwhelming body implants invasion. Yet, that was not enough.

We have witnessed first-hand in both Hollywood and laboratories how the scientists are trying to find a new machine package for our brain and mind. The same result again. That is also not enough. Now, Ericsson plans to go even further with its groundbreaking Print Connected concept.

To make the long story short, Ericsson wants to use our bodies as the legitimate cyber tools. In other words, our body will serve as a conductor and connector at the same time. By touching the devices around us, we will be able to surf the Internet and communicate.

All of these sound lovely. Just as if it has been borrowed from some SF movie. On the other side, now it is the right moment to raise some eyebrows and ask questions about endangered privacy. We have every reason to believe that a little bit later is going to be too late.

Do You Need A TalkSpace?


It is said that a kind word can heal any wound. Maybe, that was the very thought the creators of the TalkSpace app had on their minds when they had designed it. So, what is TalkSpace all about? To make the long story short, while using some plain English expressions, this is a cyber therapy.

When you hit a wall in your heart or head, you can subscribe on a weekly level. What do you get in return? Well, you can talk or chat with a professional therapist. The TalkSpace offers a possibility of attending a video conference in the real time. We should not forget the numerous forums.

These forums, you can attend for free. As you can see, someone has thought of a nice way to benefit from the fruitful world of apps. This is a truly win-win scenario for both therapists and people with the different kinds of psychological issues. Great thing, indeed. Providing therapy with no limitations.
When it comes to the physical pain and troubles, guess we will have to wait a little bit longer. Although, cyber words can heal your soul, cyber hands cannot heal your wounds or fix the bones. For what is worth, your cyber-app-therapist has all the time and patience in the world, just for you. Talk!

In The Palm Of Your Drone Hand


There is a lovely flying toy. This mini-drone can easily use the palm of your hand as an airport. The only “trouble” is that it cannot use an action camera. Why? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to answer this question, do you? This butterfly drone simply cannot afford an additional weight.

So, what can we use it for? Unfortunately, the modern drones are quite notorious. Instead of improving our lives, they tend to take them away in an easy, unhuman, and mechanical way. There were some rumors that Amazon plans to use them for the delivery purposes. Is there any good in them?

For what is worth, there were some “tryouts” in a positive direction. One of them is a contest, which asked for you to come up with an idea about a possibility to use drones for good deeds. This is how we have heard about a proposal to use drones for planting the trees in the remote areas.

We sure hope that someone will not come up with a brilliant idea to put some poison on this tiny aircraft, for example. We are not eager nor curious to find out what are the dimensions of the biggest drone in the world, now that we are fully aware of this drone small wings, that is for sure. How about you?

Click To Report A Crime


The busy little bees in the UK police force have come up with an intriguing idea. How about reporting a crime by using the Internet instead of using your phone, which is the most common thing to do in these situations by default? Would not that be a ground shaking change to the entire system?

For what is worth, the UK police believes that this new system of online crime reporting could bring some substantial savings in both time and resources. Of course, this new solution would be reserved only for the crimes, which are not extremely urgent in their nature or required response time.

On the other side, in order for this warning system to truly work it is necessary to develop a fully functional and above all a secure website. We do not even dare to think what could happen, if some hacker is to put false warnings on this system. So, what is the moral of this story? What should we think?

It is not so hard to come up with an idea such as this one. However, it is a completely different thing to see it running. There is so much work to do and so many practical problems to solve. Yet, that does not mean we are supposed to give it up. Right? The crime, we are supposed to fight against it. Together.

The SmartBed


The CES or the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas has just announced that we have one more member of our growing smart family. Among other things and gadgets, from now on, you can sleep in a smart bed. Actually, your kids can be privileged to dream sweet electronic dreams. What is this all about?

Well, in plain English, a smart bed is a bed with a brain of its own. By using your smartphone or tablet, you can connect and check what is going with your sleeping beauties and princes. Your smart bed will be able to monitor all crucial elements for a careless dream and give you appropriate notifications.

On the other hand, youncan adjust additional lights and angles of your kids’ bed. All functions are fully automatized and adjustable. It is a great thing to have a piece of furniture, which can follow your nocturnal activities in an appropriate way. There is only one thing left to be asked. Can you guess what it is?

Well, how much is going to cost to have your own guardian angel at night? You will have to pay more than $1,000 to get it, that is for sure. For the families with more than children this can be a serious investment. What do you think? Does a good night’s sleep has a price for you? Or maybe, it is truly priceless.

The Silent Killers


Here is something that will catch you completely by surprise. We live in the mobile world. Or, let us be a little bit more precise, in the wireless world. We like to be wireless and limitless at any given moment. Unfortunately, this freedom comes at a huge price to pay. Have you ever wondered what is happening with all those waves?

If the WiFi waves and signals can go through the walls of our houses, why should our own bodies be an exception in this case? We are talking about the small quantities of harmful emissions. However, what is happening after ten or twenty years of the constant exposure? You are not the only to use the WiFi.

You are going to feel even worse after hearing about the results of the following experiment. Two rooms. Two plants. One in the “rich” WiFi environment. The other one free from wireless desires. Which one did better? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know the answer, do you?

So, what should we do with our WiFi killers, who are killing us softly? Should we go back and hide in the caves, for a change? What is the point of living after knowing, something so depressing such as this? Well, that is up to you to find out. Our job is done here. Time to switch off our WiFi. At least for a night.