We are not quite sure what went wrong with Facebook’s downtime the last time, or who is to blame. Yet, for what is worth, the consequences on a global level were impossible to be ignored. It turns out that the social network addicts had a rare chance for reevaluating their lives without Facebook.

So, what did we get as a result? You can survive without it, that is for sure. How you are going to feel in return is a completely different thing. Some Facebook users were painfully honest about it. You cannot even imagine how many real-life-likes were out there. Instead of buttons we used our smiles.

At the same time, we have realized that we are so deep in the cyber waters. Probably, too deep to admit it. What does it mean, exactly? We need Facebook so much that in a hypothetical situation or world without it, we would not have the other choice than to invent it again. Is this an exaggeration?

Well, we had hundreds of millions of users, who just could not wait for it to come back. The usual suspected haters were defeated severely. The world did not become a better place without Facebook for a couple of minutes. Maybe, Mark Zuckerberg was playing with us. He wanted to check how long we can manage without him.

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