We are not quite sure what went wrong with Facebook’s downtime the last time, or who is to blame. Yet, for what is worth, the consequences on a global level were impossible to be ignored. It turns out that the social network addicts had a rare chance for reevaluating their lives without Facebook.

So, what did we get as a result? You can survive without it, that is for sure. How you are going to feel in return is a completely different thing. Some Facebook users were painfully honest about it. You cannot even imagine how many real-life-likes were out there. Instead of buttons we used our smiles.

At the same time, we have realized that we are so deep in the cyber waters. Probably, too deep to admit it. What does it mean, exactly? We need Facebook so much that in a hypothetical situation or world without it, we would not have the other choice than to invent it again. Is this an exaggeration?

Well, we had hundreds of millions of users, who just could not wait for it to come back. The usual suspected haters were defeated severely. The world did not become a better place without Facebook for a couple of minutes. Maybe, Mark Zuckerberg was playing with us. He wanted to check how long we can manage without him.

Trouble In Facebook Paradise


How many young busy little bees all over the world dream about working in Facebook? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know this answer without using the full capacity of your brain power or the Internet itself, do you? Facebook does not have to worry about the potential employees.

Why? Because, there are so many of them are standing and waiting patiently in the line. However, there are some rumors about the dark side of the moon. Some of them are obviously exaggerated, but some are simply true. You hear them, and you simply know. There are 24/7 on the watch assignments.

You are not supposed to leave a town. Not to mention the drinking during the period of high alert state. In addition, it makes a perfect sense for your family or friends to bother you each day with their annoying requests and questions, because they know you are working for their favorite social network.

What about the relationships between the employees themselves? Sometimes, this can be a living hell, just like in any other company under a tremendous pressure. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg worries more about Google’s business, than his own and only cyber child. Think twice before sending him your CV. Right?

U Can’t Touch This


In case, you ever wish to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, here is something you may find helpful. It is not going to work, that is for sure. Why? Does it really matter? It is this guy’s social network and he can do whatever he likes with it. Including the very special VIP status. Or, cannot he?

There is something we should be more worried about than this “innocent” VIP game. If you recall, we had a couple of self-initiated bug bounty attempts on Facebook, which went an impressive extra mile. For what exactly? To knock directly on Mark’s virtual door and show him a flaw first-hand.

The trouble is that these busy little bees, who have identified serious security flaws on Facebook, were not rewarded accordingly. As a matter of fact, the extremely skillful people, who were able to hack Mark himself on Facebook, ended with peanuts instead of a decent prize and recognition for the efforts.

Maybe, we have unintentionally promoted an additional challenge. How about blocking Mark for a change? Is there someone who can really do that? It is about time for Mark to recognize and appreciate the contributions of the bug bounty hunters on Facebook. There is no other way, is it? Any ideas?