Fight Fire With Fire


Poor old grandpa Microsoft. So many on its troubled mind right now. Windows 10 is ready to hit our devices with all of its features force. However, there are quite a few annoying strongholds Microsoft has to deal with first in order for Windows 10 to truly work. What is going to happen with the pirate versions?

There is an entire pirate’s paradise in China. We are talking about millions and millions of pirated Windows versions all over the world. What is going to happen with all of these people? Are they going to be left outside the latest and legitimate version? Is this the only way to solve this problem?

One serious rumor has it that Microsoft is about to do one least expected and quite an unprecedented thing. Windows 10 is going to open its doors with no prejudices at all. Yes, cyber boys and girls, the Windows pirates will be able to harbor in the safe legitimate waters with no consequences.

When you put it this way, it sounds almost like a fairy tale. Is it going to work, for real? Or maybe, it is actually quite a simple choice. If you cannot win them, then give them a free legitimate OS version. Right? We know grandpa Microsoft all too well. There is a catch with this one. We just do not know what it is.

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