Book Of Faceless Rules


Poor old Facebook, it has to add new rule pages all the time. This time, Facebook wants to deal with nudity and terrorism. In this way, Facebook has joined the anti-nudity-coalition. Google and Twitter have already made it perfectly clear that only artistic or medicine oriented nudity is the only acceptable nudity.

On the other hand, it is not a secret that the jihadists can be easily caught in the controversy trap. They are fighting all the evils of the Western society, while at the same time they cannot imagine a single day without the Internet. No Facebook or Twitter, no new recruits nor followers. As simple as that.

For what is worth, Facebook has decided to introduce a new strict policy, when it comes to promotion or glorification of terrorism. The Islamic State tried to launch its social network called the Book of Caliphate, but the Anonymous hacker group made sure it could not stay online for a single day.

Until the next time, and some next set of new rules. In the meantime, make sure you do not upload any of your naked pictures, including positive comments or even worse “likes” for the news about terrorist attacks. We sure hope that the number of rules will not exceed the number of users to aplly them.

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