The Urban Human-Chip-Implant Legends


There is a serious rumor we are dying with an anticipation of confirming or compromising, for quite some time. Have you heard something about it? Maybe, all we need is a pair of additional Google eyes and hands. Here it goes. The Obamacare asks from us to get the human implant chips, with no exceptions?

Allegedly, by the 2017 we should all have the new friends, which will go under our skin. Literally. These implants are supposed to improve the very quality of our lives. However, we all know that every time you hear a meaningless and ambiguous phrase, such as his one, something bad is to happen.

We will lose the latest illusion we used to have about our already deeply compromised privacy. It is a great thing to be able to pay bills with the simple wave of your hand, but do you really want to trade your privacy for that? Do we have to mention all troubling religious implications, as well?

Our world is supposed to meet its inevitable end, the very day we embrace the mark of the beast. Or, in other words, the human chip implants. Of all the things in the cyber universe, we had to deal with this one, first. Are we going to use a special WordPress implant for writing and reading blogs?

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