The Year Of Robots: 2040


Enjoy while it lasts, cyber boys and girls. For how long we have ruled this planet? A millennium or two? Now, in less than 25 years from this very moment, the things are to change. Dramatically. So, who is going to take over? Who is going to rule the world instead of us? Aliens? Or, robots?

Let us put it this way. Robots with the mind blowing AI (Artificial Intelligence) capacities. On the other side, you just cannot avoid asking yourself what is inspiring these dark voices, can you? Maybe, we are watching too many SF movies. There is a so-called SkyNet or Terminator syndrome out there.

It is about time for us to admit it. Let us first invent and develop something, for a change. Then, we have plenty of time to figure out what are we going to do with it. Eventually, the creator is supposed to be smarter and superior compared to his own creation. Right? The AI is our creation. Right?

If you think in this way, you are going to end up with some pretty pessimistic conclusions. Do not invent computers or the Internet, because they may turn against you one day. Do not this, do not invent that. The brave new world is going to be a wonderful place. Do not you think? This is not intelligent, at all.

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