Windows 10 Star Login


The Grandpa Microsoft has figured it all out. It will strike at the very heart of cyber darkness. Let us deal with those annoying and unreliable passwords, once and for all, shall we? How? Well, Microsoft has quite a few solutions for this one. Depending on the type of your device you can use some of the following.

The new Windows 10 security system can scan your eye or a fingerprint. On the other side, if you are worried that your device’s features cannot match the high profile scanning standards do not feel depressed. The Grandpa Microsoft has a solution even for the old devices with the new passwords.

If you cannot avoid a situation of having to deal with the inevitable passwords, then your device’s PIN additional authentication can ease the pain, at least for a little bit. So, all security troubles are solved with the Windows 10. All what is left for us to do is to sit and relax while enjoying the cyber ride.

Maybe, we can relax, but what about our poor old Grandpa Microsoft? What is going to happen with its business security? The crumbling pressure of the countless pirate versions and a stubborn army of outdated and also unsupported old Windows versions can easily ruin the whole party. Right?

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