Gimme The Right Beat For My Tweet


Hey Twitter, what took you so long to come up with the proper Quality Filter for the harmful, negative, or harassing Tweets? Maybe, we have waited for the others to become sick and tired of all negativity. Or maybe, Twitter has a priority in fighting against the nudity and porn related content.

Now, the malicious content is the next thing on its list of future improvements. For this one we have to say, our hats off to you our dear Twitter. You are a little late, but we do not mind. At least, not too much. For what is worth, we would like to see, how it is going to work in the real social life.

You cannot possibly expect to eliminate all of those annoying cyber trolls, can you? However, you can minimize the damage by taking away their only weapon. Their poisonous comments. Right? It is worth mentioning that at this initial stage Twitter wants and plans to protect only the verified users.

How nice it would be to see what is next on this Twitter’s improvement list? When you eliminate the explicit content and negative messages from any social network, then you get a breathable and cozy cyber space. What are you waiting for? Try the new Quality Filter, as soon as you can, and get back to us.

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