What’s Your EarPrint?


If there is an eye-catching thing, do you accept a possibility of being attracted by an ear-catching stuff, as well? In addition, if there is a fingerprint security solution for your smartphone, they why there should not be an earprint security check for it, as well? So, what are we talking about?

Well, it is quite simple. Just let your imagination do all the hard work. Imagine a smartphone, which will automatically unlock itself as soon as you put it next to your ear. Would not that be a historic moment? We know what are smartphone addicts going to ask us next. How about you?

Is an earprint the same as a fingerprint, in terms of security, of course? Well, according to the scientists, our ears are as unique as our fingers, in terms of a printed signature they leave behind. Now, you get it. This can really be a cozy feature, which is easy, reliable, and safe to use.

Our hats off to the brilliant and innovative guys behind this solution. This can really be a turning point in the development of the next generation of modern smartphones. Be careful what kind of earrings you use, though. You already know why, don’t you? Your smartphone may not like it.

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