Open Your Door Grandpa Microsoft


Why would grandpa Microsoft do such a thing? What kind of a door we are referring to? Well, we are eager to witness a moment when Windows will be treated as an open source code. Why? Well, this is supposed to improve its cyber security. Something is obviously wrong with this picture.

It is a bold and ear-catching claim to ask for an open source code Windows, but how grandpa Microsoft feels about it? If it is going to be free to access and alter, does it also mean that you can get it for free, as well? On the other hand, the strongest argument for an open source is improved security. How?

Allegedly, the new open source structure can help you to access Windows more easily in search for bugs and vulnerabilities. So, who is stopping you to do it right now? What about all previous successful bug bounty hunters? They did not ask for a permission, did they?

This is definitely a wrong turn for our troubled thoughts. Let grandpa Microsoft does its job the best it can. We do not need an open door, at all. If you want to improve Windows security and eliminate potential vulnerabilities, go on and earn some fair money. Grandpa Microsoft can be generous.

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