Cyberphone The New BlackPhone


Since the beginning of the smartphone time, we have dreamed about the magical model, which will be a synonym for the uncompromising safety and bulletproof privacy. This is how, we have ended up one fine day with a thing called the BlackPhone under our pillow. Yet, that was not enough.

The main purpose of this dark-knight-smartphone was to encrypt all of your mobile data. Protection of your privacy was its primary and only purpose. However, we still could not find a solution for the secure mobile transactions. This is the reason, the Cyberphone is introduced.

This is the early part of the smartphone day, that is why, we cannot tell you a lot. This smartphone, which comes with a straightforward name Cyberphone, walks in the mysterious mobile ways, as it should be. Nevertheless, this does not solve all of our problems. We need a double-bubble solution.

What if the Cyberphone and the Blackphone can have kids? Smart kids, if possible. This way, we will be able to kill two most troubling cyber-threats with just one smart-stone-phone. Protecting privacy, while ensuring safe mobile transactions. It really sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

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