The End Of Flash Days


Oh dear, this is going to be such an earthquake for the advertising dreamland. Google has decided. Its final verdict is, no more Flash ads on Chrome platform. Almost one in two web users strongly rely on Chrome. That is why, this is an extremely important event in the cyber history.

On the other hand, the rest of major IT players are also not in the pro-Flash mood, including Mozilla, Amazon, and Apple. The age of HTML5 has just begun. Are we to blame these cyber lords? Should we feel sorry for the Flash, and its imminent and unavoidable sad destiny?

Well, for what is worth, the busy little bees behind Flash had plenty of time to deal with the constant hacker’s attacks and security failures. Obviously, some of the biggest IT guys simply had enough. Mozilla Firefox was among the first to share its security concerns with the series of Flash failures.

Now, the Flash crew has plenty of time to regret. Google and other major brands simply cannot themselves a luxury of endless security troubles with Flash plugins. Who knows,maybe this can become a story with the happy end, after all. Security does matter, doesn’t it Flash?

The Certification Wars


Google has a new cyber enemy made in China. The CNNIC or the China Internet Network Information Center is at least to say furious about Google’s rejection to accept its web certificates. So, what is the big deal with these certificates? Does it really have to be this way for these “old cyber friends”?

Do we really need an additional chapter in the book of conflicts between Google and China? Well, it seems that there is no other choice. This can be a disturbing and annoying thing for the Chinese website owners. Why? Each time someone uses the Chrome to check out your website, there is a surprise.

As a matter of facts, this surprise is not a nice one. You get a warning that this particular website does not play by the Google web security certification rules. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to guess twice how is this tiny detail going to affect the number of total visits, do you?

Maybe, this is a Google way of paying back some old dues for all the inconveniences associated with the rigid, but extremely profitable Chinese market. Unfortunately, while these two giants are fighting, we, the mortals, are going to suffer either way. What happened to a magical word called compromise?