Ericsson Connecting People


It is not a secret nor a surprise that for quite some time the busy little bees in the IT industry have been looking for a way to use our own body as a legitimate cyber tool. This is how, we have ended up with an unprecedented and overwhelming body implants invasion. Yet, that was not enough.

We have witnessed first-hand in both Hollywood and laboratories how the scientists are trying to find a new machine package for our brain and mind. The same result again. That is also not enough. Now, Ericsson plans to go even further with its groundbreaking Print Connected concept.

To make the long story short, Ericsson wants to use our bodies as the legitimate cyber tools. In other words, our body will serve as a conductor and connector at the same time. By touching the devices around us, we will be able to surf the Internet and communicate.

All of these sound lovely. Just as if it has been borrowed from some SF movie. On the other side, now it is the right moment to raise some eyebrows and ask questions about endangered privacy. We have every reason to believe that a little bit later is going to be too late.