Deadly Cyber Games


One South Korean intelligence officer committed a suicide as a result of the unprecedented cyber spy scandal, which has deeply disturbed this country. It turns out that South Korea was importing some software “solutions” from Italy, which are supposed to be used against the North Korea.

With all due respect, the North Korean IT infrastructure is rather a modest one. Therefore, you really do not have to bother yourself with the state of the art spy technology in this field. In addition, someone among South Korean intelligence officers has figured out that this thing can be used in the home field.

This is how, we have ended up with one of the biggest cyber scandals in the recent South Korean IT history. Someone has been spying on his or her own fellow citizens. The pressure was so strong that one man took his own life, rather than to be a part of this scandal.

So, what is the moral of this sad story? One thing obviously comes without saying. Cyber actions derived from the virtual world can have the serious real life consequences. You just cannot play with other people’s privacy with no consequences, this way or another. RIP you poor man.



How many times have you wished to file a lawsuit against the bad boys in the black suits? Well, if you do not or cannot do as an individual, there are quite a few organizations that are willing to do your job. Let us mention some of the well-known names, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

Is it possible to sue the NSA? Yes, apparently it is. Is it possible to win a case against the NSA? We shall have to wait and see. For what is worth, the mass surveillance program run by the NSA has obviously gone too far. Something needs to be done in order to win back our cyber freedom. What exactly?

Let us start with a lawsuit, which claims that the NSA with its spying and surveillance programs directly put a finger in both eyes of the first and the fourth US constitutional amendments. Somehow, we got an unpleasant feeling that this is going to be David against Goliath scenario. Are we right?

On the other hand, this lawsuit is more of a signal for the busy little cyber bees in the NSA to change or improve their spy programs, than a serious warning as we are hoping right now to be. Our fingers are crossed, that is for sure. At least we will show them that we are helpless, but not blind.

Talk To The Hand


Here is one of the worst SF nightmares knocking at our doors, right now. More than 700 employees in one Swedish company are being offered with one extremely unusual and above all controversial choice. What do you say about an implant in your hand? Small and cozy microchip inside your own body.

These Swedish humans implant pioneers are not forced. At least, not for the time being. There is a recommendation from the manager’s level that these implants are supposed to ease their everyday’s working duties and use of machines. So, it is supposed to be a helpful and time saving tool.

Then, how come we are not convinced? Are we exaggerating or witnessing the first and most important manifestation of our brave, but bitter new future? We do not even dare to think what could happen to our already endangered and compromised privacy. Do we really need this 1984 scenario?

Is this supposed to improve our working efficiency or eliminate the last stronghold of our privacy? It just does not feel right, does it? What is going to happen to the workers, who refuse to comply with the new company’s implant policy? We were afraid, but this obviously happened too soon. Right?