Who Will Guard The Guardians?


One National Guard member has exposed sensitive and private data of more than 850,000 of his fellows. How could this be? This is how, we have ended up in a vicious circle of game to blame. Really, who is to blame? The system or an individual, who has wrongfully used it?

Well, if the system works flawlessly with all of its security features, then there is nothing to worry about the potential misuse. However, if there is a flaw, then someone will take an advantage of it, sooner or later, this way or another. So, we have to blame the system. Right?

Maybe, the basic presumption that our own staff cannot do anything wrong is to be blamed. We are focused all the time to the threats coming from outside that we have completely forgotten about the cyber hazards working from inside. Which brings us back to our question.

Who and how will guard our cyber guardians? There should not be exceptions from our safety procedures and standards. On the contrary, we should apply special and additional standards for our guardians, because they are in a favorable position of taking an advantage over the system. Right?

Nintendo Malware Innuendo


Ah, those merciless hackers, they always strike where it hurts us the most. It comes without saying that the modern hackers are reading their potential victims like a book. This is exactly, what is happening with a series of apps, which allow you to play your favorite games from the 1980s and 1990s.

It is really great to get this wonderful feeling back on your smartphone. However, we have to ask, is not the price for it a little bit too high? What are we talking about? It turns out that an Android app, which allows you to play old Nintendo games on your smartphone, is a notorious El Dorado of malware and viruses.

So, who is to blame? Do not blame it on Google. To tell you the truth, we believe that the busy little bees in Google have no idea what is happening with all those apps, due to the overwhelming abundance of new apps, which are pumping out at an unparalleled speed.

So, what are you supposed to do? Should you say no to all your nostalgic feelings? Here is a hint. You should do some checking first for each app you are about to use. This is the only way to have the right kind of a feeling, you are hopping to achieve. With no regrets, of course.

Bad Cyber Boys With Real Toys


How do you imagine an average hacker from your neighborhood? A harmless and innocent teenager, a little bit overweight, who spends days and nights on a keyboard, under the Coca-Cola and pizza delivery ambalage. Well, if this is a case, then you are both helplessly and dangerously romantic.

What would you say, if you were to hear that more than 60% of cyber criminals already have the real-life criminal record. How about this for a change? I am not a criminal in a traditional sense, I am merely a freedom fighter on a keyboard. This hacker’s statement is just so far from the reality, isn’t it?

So, what is the moral of our story? When you are a criminal, it does not matter where you get caught. The virtual world is not an excuse for the real one, and vice-versa. Do your best to keep it clean and flawless in both worlds. What is even more important forget about the wrong kind of empathy.

There is no point in feeling sorry for the hackers and all kinds of cyber criminals. We do not need fake heroes. Your friendly neighbor hacker has not hurt anyone in the virtual world, but there is a 60% chance that someone is suffering in the real world as a result of his wrongful doings. Think about it.