The Older, The Better


It turns out that the busy little crime bees in the UK have their must-have phone models. Pay attention to our words. Mobile phones, but not the smartphones. Why? The so-called primitive and outdated mobile phones are simply perfect for someone, who does not want to be tracked by the police.

For these purposes, the old and once extremely popular Nokia models are literally priceless for the UK crime lords. They do not have any of the modern smartphone features, which allows anyone to locate and follow their owners. In addition, they do not have to worry about recordings or police spying.

In addition, there is one more specific characteristic, which makes them to be the number one choice for the criminals. When it comes to these grandpa phones, the battery can literally last for days. This can be a matter of free life or time in prison, for someone committing crimes on a daily basis.

What do you know, the UK criminals are obviously going back to the basics of mobile phones. This can be a great story with the fascinating educational potential for the makers of smartphones. It reminds us nicely, what the modern mobile phones are to be all about in their essence.

Samsung Galaxy vs Nokia 3310


It is a ridiculous thing to even try comparing these two mobile phones in the very first place. Who could have done such a thing and what could we possibly prove with that? Luckily for us, there are some busy little bees with some funny and original unorthodox ideas. This is what we got as a result.

The very purpose of some very painful experiments for our dearest shining gadgets was to prove how far we have gotten with our progress. Really, once a proud pioneer of the promising mobile revolution looks like a primitive toy compared to its younger smartphone relatives. Yet, this is notnthe whole story.

It turns out that our old little fellow is more resistant in both real and cyber worlds. How could that be? It is quite simple actually. If you try to break it, you will have to put some additional effort. On the other hand, if you want to hack it, you have to forget about it. Sometimes, being primitive has its advantages.

So, which one should you use? The modern one, of course. Why? So, you can enjoy all those shiny apps. Then why was it necessary to destroy two phones to make only one point? Believe it, it was totally worth it. This is a nice reminder that we have not achieved anything remarkable. We have merely improved it.