Simple Rules For Cyber Fools


Which one came first? The UK law makers’ decision to urge the social networks to drastically simplify their rules, or Facebook announcement of the Privacy Policy for Dummies? Either way this a win-win situation for us. Yet, it is worth to spend some extra time thinking about what is exactly happening here.

Facebook is not going to create new privacy policy. It is just going to rewrite its policies in a simpler way. This is something very similar to the UK’s intention to make you think twice before you press Yes at the end of a certain policy document. These situations we take for granted. That is true.

We do not like to think, we like to use. We literally consume the social networks without second thoughts, or some serious consideration. Later, we like to complain. Maybe, it is better to do these things this way. Fair and simple. You do not have to be a law expert to understand properly the privacy policies.

On the other hand, we will not have an excuse, if something eventually goes wrong. There is a reasonable fear, though, that all of these policies are nicely written, but we are too lazy to read them thoroughly. Let us see what is going to happen eventually with this simplicity reform. Is that enough?

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