More About Sony


Here is more about the latest cyber controversy associated with the Sony Pictures Entertainment and North Korea. It turns out that the notorious Bureau 121 has some talented individuals, rather than the cyber magicians. Why? For what is worth, the Sony itself was an easy cyber prey. Really?

Unfortunately, the hackers have found an entire file in the Sony’s cyberspace with an intriguing title – Passwords. Yes, cyber boys and girls, the entire Sony Entertainment IT structure was offered at a glance in an unprecedently reckless way. So, what is the moral of this story for us to be remembered?

If you want to make a movie about some of the world’s most notorious dictators, you have to make sure that the top cyber security experts are among your employees. Otherwise, you will inevitably hit the wall, which is not going to be made of cyber bricks, but the rock-solid materials. Is that enough?

Well, it is advisable for you not to have identical user names and passwords. In addition, you should make a living hell for the hackers, who are trying to cause you harm. In the meantime, we shall see what is going to happen with the clash between Hollywood and the North Korea. Maybe, they will make a movie about it, as well.

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