Taiwan Rules


Our hats off to Taiwan. Why? Well, they have conducted a thorough check of the smartphones, which circulate in its market. As a result, we have a list of 12 models, which do not comply with the privacy protection requirements. Maybe, it is more advisable for us to be a little bit more precise about this one.

One of the latest privacy related controversies included the so-called Chinese Apple or Xiaomi. According to some security experts, Xiaomi smartphones have a firmware option to send all user data secretly and with no authorization back to China. What a nightmare for the Taiwan authorities, isn’t it?

Apple, Samsung, HTC and Xiaomi are the major smartphone brands in Taiwan. So far, Sasmung, HTC and even the Xiaomi itself have expressed the unconditional willingness to cooperate closely with the strict Taiwan privacy regulations. The funny thing, though, is that Apple keeps silent about this one.

No need to ask you about the moral of this story. Right? Can you imagine the USA or China of imposing similar privacy related requirements. Oh, what a lovely sight that would have been. We can only dream about it, or we can put some additional pressure on our governments follow Taiwan’s indicative example.

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